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Tencap Tennis Ratings Explained

1.) The lower the number the better your rating 

2.) The rating of a doubles team is the average of the two players ratings 

3.) The ratings act as a predictor of the outcome of the match 

4.) 2 points difference in rating = 1 game difference per set 

5.) Ratings Calculations take into account: 

a. The score of the match

b. Confidence level of opponents ratings 

c. Confidence level of your rating 

d. Confidence level of your partner's rating 

e. Your combined doubles pair rating 

f. Your opponents' doubles pair rating 

g. Winner of the match 

h. Level of competition (casual, league, or tournament play) 

6.) Your rating will improve if you play better than the system predicts and your rating will decline if you do worse than the system predicts, regardless of whether or not you win or lose.

7.) Ratings are not impacted when opponents are more than 10 rating points apart unless the weaker player/team wins. 

8.) Ratings are unaffected unless each player has a Tencap rating. Although, players can earn a Tencap rating by being the only one in the doubles pair without a rating or by playing a player with a Tencap singles rating. 

9.) Any set played where the winner does not reach 4 games does not count towards your rating.

i.e. a 3-2 score in a set will not count towards your rating. 

10.) Rating Confidence increases with each match. The increase depends on the accuracy of your opponents ratings and the number of different people played. 

11.) Rating adjustments are ultimately made utilizing Tencap's patent pending algorithms, but operate on the principal the higher your rating accuracy the less movement you will make. 

a. Example: Team A has an avg rating of 22 Team B has an avg rating of 18 

i. The system predicts Team B on average would win each set: 6-4 

ii. If Team B beats Team A by the score of 6-3, Team B did better than expected and thus their rating will improve and Team A's rating will decline.

iii. The amount of movement will be dependent on the rating accuracy levels 

b. Example 2: Team A is Rated a 36 Team B is Rated a 42 

i. The system predicts Team A would win a set on average 6-3 

ii. If Team A beats Team B 6-4 Team A's rating will get worse while Team B's will improve because Team B did better than predicted and Team A did worse than expected.

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